Frequently Asked Questions: Process

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Is it possible to sell my share before the actual sale of the building?

You may offer your intention to sell on Infinity’s platform at an objective price based on the liquidation value of the investment at that moment. However, liquidity and price are not guaranteed. Therefore before you invest, you must assume that you will hold your investment through its projected lifecycle.

When will I receive my distributions?

Distributions are usually deposited on a quarterly basis. The quantity and schedule of the distribution depends on each project’s business plan and results. Investors are notified regarding both upcoming and historical distributions via Infinity’s online platform.

When do I receive updated information on my investment?

Throughout the life of each investment you will receive detailed information at an asset level, including an investment memorandum, due diligence summaries and quarterly reports. Infinity also conducts annual external audits of each property. The investor relations team is also available to answer additional questions and clarify reports.

How do I invest through Infinity?
  1. Indicate your intention to invest
  2. Define your financial goals with our team
  3. Invest in the projects you are interested in
  4. Become a shareholder in the properties you invest
  5. Receive quarterly updates and, according to the business plan, cash distributions
What is the minimum I can invest?

The minimum investment varies by project, but in most cases starts at $100,000.

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