Frequently Asked Questions: Product

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What are my guarantees?

If you invest through a promissory note, Infinity guarantees the interest payment and capital is endorsed by the equity of the building.

How is each investment legally structured?

Infinity structures each building as an independent entity following Regulation D and Regulation S of the SEC 506(c) offering, of which investors can become limited partner shareholders.

What does investing through Infinity offer me?

Infinity’s team carefully vets prospective private equity investments through their market know-how and expertise. The team manages the full lifecycle of your investment, providing you with a completely passive source of income.

Investors are always informed on how their money is working for them via quarterly updates and potential cash distributions.

What is a multifamily building?

A multifamily building is one where the vertical or horizontal construction is divided into units of apartments that share the land as a common asset. Compared to the classic apartment building with many home-owners, a multifamily building has only one owner who manages the entire building.

Who manages the building's development?

Infinity’s team invests in projects with highly seasoned real estate developers. The developers are in charge of managing professionals throughout each step of the process: 

  • Financial structuring: Infinity
  • Construction: a local, qualified general contractor
  • Rental and admin: a specialized building administration company
  • Sale: an investment bank or specialized brokers
What return rate can be obtained by investing with Infinity?

Every project offers unique return rates. While it's difficult to generalize, the average internal rate of return (IRR) should always be above 20%.

What is stabilization?

A stabilized real estate asset is a property in which construction or renovation has been completed, it has reached a certain occupancy rate (at Infinity, this means 95% of total units over a 6-month period), and it achieves a strong net operating income that can support debt service.

In what time frame is a project usually sold?

Generally, development takes around 18 months. We add an additional 18 months for building stabilization and sale.

In what areas does Infinity invest?

Infinity only invests in the United States, as macroeconomic and political conditions are favorable. In addition, the investment team has unique access to projects which are usually reserved only for professional investors.

Infinity focuses on investing in the 20 largest cities by metropolitan statistical area (MSA), where there's favorable demographic, employment, and wage growth. Within each MSA, Infinity looks for neighborhoods with high employment and salary conditions.

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